Announcement – Another New Series!

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As you know, at Peregrini Press, we strive to stay in touch with the Spirit and let Him blow us where He will. As we set out, we did not know where this might lead. It is an exciting, if harrowing, adventure to live this way.

The Field Notes Series was the original impetus for our foray into publishing. We continue to work on that series, with the second book, Voices from the Field, currently in the research phase. We also recently set out to start another series of books, telling the authentic stories of today’s cross cultural workers, the Our Stories Series.

We are pleased to announce a new series of books, yet to be named, full of resources to help people along in their journey. Our hope is that all our books will spur people along in love and good deeds. This new series will provide practical guides and tools for reflection and study. If you have a suggestion for the name of this series, write to If we use your suggestion, we’ll also send you a free book!

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