How to become a better writer

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We, at Peregrini Press, have been getting some beautiful submissions from authors lately. We hope to bring some of them to you in the next few months. We can’t publish everything we receive, but we want to encourage all writers to be better.

The single best tool to make any writer better is Grammarly. As a writer, an editor, a publisher, and a dyslexic I cannot recommend Grammarly highly enough!

The basic, free, service puts other grammar and spellcheckers to shame. I was surprised by how many errors it caught, even after I had used other tools. Then, I decided to try premium, and I will never go back. I will now be using it for all our titles as well as my writing projects.

So, if you want a tool that will improve your writing from day 1, Grammarly is it!

(Full disclosure: I just became a Grammarly affiliate. So, I do get a small bonus if you use the link and set up an account. That’s not why I’m recommending it.) 

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