What’s next?

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This is part 5, and the last part, of our interview with Gillian Newham, the author of Far from Cold.  What question would you like to pose for Gillian?

Q: Where do you plan to go from here? Why?

That’s a very open-ended question and I have a few answers, in the sense of, you know, I am in my fifties and I still want to follow the Lord with all of my heart.  Now that might sound trite and you might think, gosh, she’s a Christian, of course she wants to follow God…..but as I get older, I realize that I don’t want to make the changes, but I ask God, please will you enable me to be flexible, please will you enable me to change and to keep growing and to keep being changed….so I think number one is to keep moving forward and growing in my relationship with God.

But as a writer, I think I’m saying, Lord, I want to communicate the things that you are showing me and teaching me, therefore I am continuing to write, you know taking new opportunities that are coming my way, like starting a blog, like writing something for Goodreads, working on a book that I started a little while ago, you know, sort of about 60,000 words in, so just keep writing, and keep sharing the wonderful things that God is doing in Mongolia through the Mongolians, to be a voice for that, so to keep growing as a writer.  I want to learn and I want to be an inspiration, not me personally, but to say that God can use us all in amazing ways, and He’s given me the voice to do that through writing, at the moment.


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