Who is your inspiration?

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This is part 4 in our interview with Gillian Newham, the author of Far from Cold.  What question would you like to pose for Gillian?

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration? Tell us more.

Thing is, outside of the Lord, outside of Jesus, then I think it has to be Mark.  It sounds very trite, doesn’t it, or very sweet, but you know I am really blessed by being married to a man who loves God and who wants me to be what God wants me to be, and will do everything he can to enable me to do that and I find that really inspiring…incredible – I want to be able to do that for other people, too.  He is really brilliant at enabling others to fulfil their role and ministry and I love that about him and I find that incredibly inspiring.  Does that sound trite?

There are other people in my life but I think Mark is….you know, I know him quite well and we’ve been together for a little while and he still does that…..you know, he inspires me and enables me and he does it to other people and I just love it….I love to see them flourishing in their ministry because he sits down and encourages them to do that.

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