Three Words

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This is part 3 in our interview with Gillian Newham, the author of Far from Cold.  What question would you like to pose for Gillian?

Q: Which three words would those who are closest to you use to describe you as a person? Which three words would you use to describe yourself?! 

So you know I asked a Mongolian friend the other day, I said what words would you use to describe me and she just said three words, which actually means ‘crazy, crazy, crazy’, so I said, ‘oh yes, that’s right!’  I asked Mark actually and I think eccentric would probably be one that was in there…..but passionate……and I said tenacious and Mark said stubborn – he said what’s the difference between that and stubborn?  So perhaps tenacious, or you could put slash stubborn but that was Mark!

I would definitely say I was eccentric – I think it’s very interesting living overseas as a Brit and I think it’s one of our quirky things is that we have quite a few eccentrics in Britain.  You know, you look at people from this side outside of the country and you look at somebody like, for example, Boris Johnson, and you think, yes, he is definitely eccentric, and then you think of another name and you think, oh gosh, actually they are also quite eccentric, and then you think, actually is it a British thing that we have a number of eccentrics?  You know, maybe it is.

I put inquisitive, which I think is another word for nosey!  I would say this one for myself, but Mark actually also said it, and that’s eclectic.  And that’s not just in my music tastes – of course I love all sorts of music from punk rock to classic, but I’m sort of a bit all over the place with liking all sorts of things – so eclectic.

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